Being able to manage your time effectively is often what sets the best business people apart from the rest. By implementing good working practices and working to an improved time management plan, people have more time for the tasks that really get results. Not only will learners be able to allocate more time to important work, they’ll also free up personal time and thus reduce stress.

In this e-learning course, learners will work with some practical approaches to improve your time management. Identifying where the pressures are now and what can be done to help structure an approach that is efficient and effective. They’ll be given all the tools and techniques required to turn their time management goals into reality.

What each person considers important and how they want to spend their time is personal. For this reason, a one-size-fits-all approach to time management is less effective. With this in mind, an essential element of this course is the workbook, which focuses on helping the learner reflect on their own circumstances. It helps them put together strategies to address the issues they’ve identified and create action plans for success.