When businesses compete, consumers get better service at a better price. The goal of competition law, therefore, is to protect consumers by making sure businesses are competing with each other.

Competition law is broken when parties remove the element of uncertainty, which should normally exist between competitors, and replace it with certainty.

Competition law is concerned with two main areas:

  • anti-competitive agreements
  • the abuse of a dominant position.

Where it is deemed that competition law has been breached, individuals involved can be disqualified from being a director, fined, and/or sent to jail. Aside from this, a firm can be fined up to 10% of its worldwide turnover. So, the importance of making employees aware of this law cannot be overstated.

This e-learning aims to raise awareness of competition law, providing guidance and information that will help ensure your organisation and employees avoid the potential pitfalls of anti-competitive practices.