This Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 in Catering has been designed for anyone that handles food as part of their role in catering; this could be chefs, cafe staff, fast food outlet workers and anyone else involved in the catering industry.

Food is governed by a variety of different laws and regulations, which establish food control, food safety and relevant aspects of food trade. These regulations are in place to ensure food is safe and of adequate quality. This eLearning course will help ensure your organisation meets this requirement.

Within this Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 in Catering eLearning course, your learners will be helped to appreciate the importance of food hygiene, their legal responsibilities and best practice involved in the safe production, cooking, storage and serving of food. They’ll also consider the type of hazards they might face, personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, disposing of rubbish and pest control.

This Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 in Catering eLearning course provides learners with all the information they need to work effectively with food, helping to ensure the safety of their colleagues and the general public.

Ensure your learners understand and comply with food safety and hygiene requirements

With this eLearning course:

  • Establish why food hygiene is important
  • Establish what the law requires regarding food hygiene and safety
  • Understand the hazards associated with food hygiene in a logistics environment and what can be done to reduce risks
  • Effectively identify and manage risks in a logistics environment
  • Recognise the importance of personal hygiene to food safety
  • Establish effective cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Explore the importance of correct rubbish disposal practices
  • Understand the dangers presented by pests around food and how these can be mitigated
  • Review the food safety danger zone and explore the main methods of food preservation
  • Identify the importance of avoiding cross-contamination
  • Explore the main allergens, the risks and how food should be labelled
  • Learn about the responsibilities involved in serving hot or cold held food